Click Here to Take the Clothes Off Celebrities’ Backs

lady gaga leatherAt this very moment, you're able to shop your Little Monster heart out at the Lady Gaga store via Gilt Groupe! Yup, the Fame Monster herself has debuted another partnership (as if FarmVille and Starbucks weren't enough) with the flash sales giant to offer Gaga-inspired merch. In order to promote the sale, Gilt has employed a new technology called Stipple, which aims to "turn images into stores."

A little creepy, yes? Oh, it gets worse ...

An online marketer's dream, Stipple partners with retail sites online to provide a way for each image to tell you exactly what piece of clothing the person in the photo is wearing. And then "help" you buy it.


For example, you see a photo of Lady Gaga on TMZ, right. So you mouse over the "Stippled dots" on Gaga's pic, and immediately you'll see who makes her leather jacket, how much it costs, and where to buy it. You can "Want" it (saving it to look later) or "Shop" for it ... in the case of Gaga, you can go right to Gilt today to get your designer Monster duds. 

Yes, sometimes you want to see a celeb's look and then go find the goods, I'll give Gilt and Stipple that. But, who else is just a weee bit concerned about this technology invading every corner of our web life? You click a story about military wives and suddenly, you're being re-directed to J.Crew's site to purchase Michelle Obama's latest shift. You're on Perez reading up about the latest insane thing Danielle Staub did, and suddenly, Stipple's telling you where you can find stripper heels just like hers.

See what I mean about how this could quickly get out of hand?

What concerns me is that while Stipple may prove useful, it also seems like totally obnoxious technology that steers us even more toward in-your-face commercialization. Is all content online destined to become an ad, billboard, commercial? I'm having visions of a world that looks like the movie Wall-E or Idiocracy.

Sure, sometimes I want to track down that cute pair of earrings I saw on Mila Kunis, but I don't want to be solicited to any more than I already am via radio, TV, billboards, LIFE as we know it! Is that so much to ask, Stipple?

What do you think -- is this technology more useful or obnoxious?


Image via americanistadechipas/Flickr

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