iPad Apps for Cats? Maybe the World Really Should End (VIDEO)

catFriskies is taking their "Feed the senses" slogan to a whole new level. The cat food company just came out with not one, not two, but three apps for your cats! Great, just what we need. Cats lounging around all day playing video games like modern-day Garfields. Why don't we just serve them a slice of lasagna on a silver platter while we're at it?

The games, Cat Fishing, Tasty Treasures Hunt, and Party Mix-Up! should entertain your cat for hours, and where it will be nice to get a reprieve from the cacophony of "Mom, I'm bored!" and "There's nothing to do," those little suckers really should go outside and play like we did when we were little, am I right?


I mean, I'm nervous, you guys. What if this creates an obesity epidemic in felines? I think we all know one of the reasons kids aren't as svelte these days is due to the hours upon hours they spend sitting on couches moving only their thumbs. Before we know it, our kittens are going to be coming down to dinner a half hour late because they were Facebooking, and they'll only communicate with us through text message. Bad news.

I'm joking. This is insane. Apps for cats?! What kind of cr-app is this? What ever happened to a ball of yarn? A felt mouse? I understand this is the technology age, but for people, not animals! (And why aren't there any apps for dogs?)

Also, if you're going to shell out the $500 for an iPad, do you really want your pet clawing at it like a maniac? I know you love your cats -- almost as much as I love my dog -- but is letting them scratch up an expensive piece of technology really a good idea? The answer is no.

However, this video of cats playing the games is very cute. Happy Friday.

Would you purchase these apps?


Image via dougwoods/Flickr

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