'ESPN' Book Makes Female Sportscasters Sound Like Mean Girls

michelle beadleerin andrewsEveryone's talking about the new ESPN book, Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN. There's TONS of juice about the cable sports network coming out about all the rowdy, frat boy behavior that apparently goes on over there, but while the guys may be the ones having "all the fun," it seems like the women of ESPN spend their time getting all Mean Girls on one another.

Case in point: Michelle Beadle, a sports reporter and host for ESPN, tells Deadspin that she's not a fan of her colleague Erin Andrews, who was twice voted "America's Sexiest Sportscaster." "Everyone who knows me knows that," she says. What is this, the junior high cafeteria? Oh, no -- it's an adult woman ripping into her adult woman co-worker. A co-worker who was the victim of some peeping tom who took a video of Andrews naked in her hotel room back in the summer of 2009.


This particular summer is documented heavily in the new ESPN book, and Beadle herself is quoted discussing her thoughts on the Andrews "peep video" debacle ...

I felt bad for her. She looked fabulous but it was such a violation. I mean, I've had moments in my apartment in New York when the blinds were up for one brief second and you think, "Ugh!" but that's nothing compared to what happened to her. Nothing. I think things might have been handled differently, but she seems to be moving on. Sometimes these things turn out better for people.

Catch the implication there? It seems like Beadle actually believes that Andrews planned the whole thing to give her career a boost. It seems like Beadle doesn't genuinely feel bad for her colleague at all.

All this sounds like is a slightly older (hey, it's true) sportscaster acting catty, jealous, and passive-aggressive about her slightly younger colleague. Maybe Beadle wishes she had landed a spot on Dancing With the Stars last year? Maybe not. Either way, she could have handled her commentary on what happened to Andrews with a bit more tact and diplomacy.

Actually, come to think of it, she could have gone a lot further. Too often it seems many women at the top of their game professionally do whatever they can to undermine one another. Maybe, like in sports, it's just competitive nature and nothing personal. But we should be going out of our way to support one another, especially through challenging, sensitive situations like this. And if Beadle truly believes Andrews orchestrated the whole peep she-bang and she couldn't say something genuinely nice, she would have been better off not saying anything at all.

Do you think Michelle Beadle genuinely feels bad for Erin Andrews?

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