Cruel Son Exploits Elderly Dad on Twitter: Do Not Follow!

twitterIf there's one thing the American people love, it's a good "old people and the Internet" folly. Or we just love documenting online how wacky old people are. Those geezers say some koo-koo s**t, and what better way to enjoy it than posting it on the Internet for all the world to see? And every once in a while, if you're lucky, your mean, desperate-attempt-to-be-liked behavior will land you a TV deal with a washed up actor and a bleeped out title. It's the American Dream 2.0.

So, this can be the only explanation for an anonymous man to have told his 81-year-old father that "Twitter" is "Google," so all the world can see his ridiculous "searches." "Cold toes," "Diane Sawyer swimsuit," and "Is Alex Trebek really smart" are a few of the gut-busting gems. And if he's not doing this to get some ignoramus book deal, wow, he's a bigger a**hole than I first thought.


If you go to "Norman N."'s page (but don't follow him, and yes, I realize there are a lot of "quotes" in this post), his Twitter reads:

My dad is 81 years old. I'm teaching him how to use the internet. I told him twitter was how to search things on Google. These tweets are what he's searching.

And the crazy old man searches ensue. And he has almost 65,000 followers. Weak. Sauce.

This is his father. Yes, it's moderately amusing, but as someone who doesn't have both parents, I think it's gross that a person would exploit their dad for a laugh like this. Second of all, is no one sacred on the Internet? Everyone gets made fun of online now -- must we include parents, too? And third of all, what if this is one giant lie, and Norman N. is really some disgruntled, unemployed 30-something vying for a fat paycheck? Joke's on us!

I really hope that nothing comes from this latest-and-greatest Twitter of the moment. Not only because this seems to be the only way books are published/TV shows are made anymore (whole 'nother post), but because it's just stupid and mean.

And if it does, let's all hope that this guy's kids pull some sort of Internet hoax on him someday when he's not young and totally awesome anymore, and it's a giant success.

What do you think of Norman N.'s Twitter account?


Image via Coletivo Mambembe/Flickr

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