Man-Baby Mets Fan Is Horrifying, Not Hilarious (VIDEO)

mets baby maskApparently, these days, it's not enough to just show up at the baseball stadium to root for your team. Nope. You've gotta make sure you get all dressed up like a freako or carry a marriage proposal that's going to make you an instant YouTube sensation. This fan pictured here decided to go with the former concept and wear a creepy-as-hell crying baby mask to the Mets-Marlins game last night.

The Marlins announcers even got in on the action by zooming in on this guy and laughing raucously about the wacky fan. Their forced, manic laughter is actually almost as terrifying as the baby mask.


In fact, I think I'm missing the joke. The Mets may have lost 2-1, but was this really necessary? Did this guy realize the image of this mask would be burned into other fans' minds for YEARS TO COME? Did he think that maybe his sense of humor is going to give adults and children alike nightmares??

I'm seriously disturbed.

Here's the video of the announcers checkin' Mr. Baby Mask out ...

Does this freak you out too?

Image via Yfrog

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