NBA Exec's Gay Admission a Lesson for Egotistic Athletes

rick weltsAre there any egos bigger than those of the sports world? When there are athletes worth more than some small countries -- and that's just endorsements -- and (allegedly) dropping six figures at Vegas nightclubs, it would be tough not to think you're all that and a bag of gold bullion.

But while they all seem to have the spending and the peacocking down pat, the whole "with great power comes great responsibility" thing seems to still be an idea most sports figures don't quite grasp. We're talking to you Kobe "I drop the f-word (the gay slur, not the four letter word)" Bryant.

So we want to give a high five to Phoenix Suns prez Rick Welts, who recently revealed he is gay in order to set an example for young athletes who may be struggling with the same dilemma. It's a rare selfless moment in a "me, me, me" world, and that takes balls (no sports pun intended).


I dare any man who prides himself on his high testosterone count to read Welts' story and not feel a tug on those gristly heartstrings -- how when his longtime partner died of AIDS, Welts had to make up a story about why he needed to be out for a few days, and how his mom, before she died, told him to come out if it would make him happier.

Athletes' ex-wives going on alimony shopping sprees on reality shows -- that's something the sports world should be embarrassed about, not who someone decides to bring to a game as a date. Or how about quitting the game entirely to avoid a drug test, a la Manny Ramirez? Or, you know, all that well-publicized whoring around? Because that's classy.

It sounds so cliche, but if Welts' actions help save one young athlete from a life of suffering in silence, then it was totally worth it. Heck, he saved the rest of his own life by doing so -- and possibly the sports world's, too. 

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