Football Star Makes a Fool of Himself Bull Riding (VIDEO)

Chad Ochocinco bull ridingChad Ochocinco is trying to put this one in the win column. With the NFL lockout still going strong, the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver has been finding other ways to amuse himself, including a stint riding a bucking bull this past weekend in Atlanta. He marked it off his bucket list, managed not to DIE, so how could it be anything but a win for the former Chad Johnson?

Because the Professional Bull Riders have edged out his triumph to take the ring on this one. The PBR challenged Ochocinco to ride Deja Blu at the 2011 PBR Built Ford Tough Series Lucas Oil Invitational in Duluth, Georgia. For 1.5 seconds atop the bull, the PBR got a marketer's dream.


With the name "Ochocinco" leading the news spots, they got coverage on major networks (I saw it on the news last night). In People Magazine. On ESPN. This for an organization that airs its events week after week only on Versus, an NBC sports channel that airs niche programming such as the Tour de France and, of course, bull riding. 

They also got one of the biggest names in the NFL to help them counteract the bad press about the sport's treatment of animals. It's a popular target of PETA, which speaks out against all forms of rodeo events, including bull riding, because "countless animals in rodeos have suffered broken ribs, backs, and legs; punctured lungs; deep internal organ bruising; hemorrhaging; ripped tendons; torn ligaments and muscles; snapped necks; and agonizing deaths."

No wonder the PBR promised Ochocinco $10,000 just to ride out into the ring. He has shot not one but TWO PETA ads over the years, appearing butt naked with just a football in front of his manhood to protest skinning animals. If a guy like him can give the sport two thumbs up, it's that much closer to achieving legitimacy of the sort enjoyed by the National Football League. Even if it does make Ochocinco look like a bit of a dumbass for contradicting himself.

But if you really want to determine the winners and losers here, check out the video of Ochocinco very nearly being tromped to death by a one-ton bull:

Only $10,000 to get that close to being trampled to death? I'd say the PBR pulled off a big win here. They played Ochocinco like a fiddle.

What do you think? Who made out this past weekend? Bull riding or Chad Ochocinco?


Image via YouTube

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