Anna Kournikova's $9 Million Dollar Mansion Doesn't Have a Tennis Court -- What?!

anna kournikovaHave you seen the 6,600-square-foot Florida house that Anna Kournikova just put up for sale? Daaaamn! Not only does it boast an asking price of $9.4 million, it has crazy awesome amenities, and allows me to feel a whole new level of insecurity I never knew existed since Anna is younger than I am. $9.4 million? Really?

As for the good stuff, the water-front property has seven bedrooms, eight baths, vaulted ceilings, marble floors, a pool, a sauna, and a library, to name a few things. If you take a good, hard look at the listing, though, you'll notice that one thing is glaringly absent. A tennis court! Hahahaha!


What an idiot! Just kidding. I don't think Anna's an idiot at all. In fact, I'm the idiot for writing that, but it just felt right after that "hahahaha," you know?

No, seriously guys, isn't it weird that she doesn't have a tennis court at her house? I mean, that would be like me not having a computer at my place. You not having a ... computer at yours. Man, we're losers. No, what it would really be like is LeBron James not having a basketball court at his house, or Michael Phelps having some weird half moon-shaped pool that he has to share with an entire building instead of an Olympic-size one of his own that he can practice in. That would be odd.

Was my sarcasm obvious in that last paragraph? If not, it's true! LeBron doesn't have a basketball court in his house -- at least not one that I can see. But, let me tell you, holy s**t. His place is INSANE! Speaking of feeling bad about yourself.

As for Michael's pad, well, it's not nearly as impressive as LeBron's or Anna's. It's a condo. But it still makes my one-bedroom apartment look like a roach motel within a roach motel.

Don't these superhuman athletes want to practice -- or unwind -- in the comfort of their own homes? Who wants to "leave their house" when they're so rich? If I were Anna, I would just push a button when I woke up that would make someone appear in my room who would then carry me down to my tennis court. Driving to go practice? Pfft, that's for chumps. Then again, maybe this is the reason Anna's moving.

What do you think of Anna not having a tennis court at her pad?


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