Sugar Daddies Just Got Easier to Find With New App

sugarsugar dating appFinding a late night date will soon be as easy as "click" and "drag." Meet the SugarSugar Dating App, brought to us by, a site that targets generous men seeking women looking for financial support. Because honestly, that doesn't sound questionable or sleazy at all, right?!

The app enables users to find those seeking "mutually beneficial" arrangements in their vicinity, using GPS technology, and goes live on June 1. And the best part? It will be available on iPod touch, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and iPad devices. Hooray! Hookers for everyone no matter what your platform!

Let me get this straight: The powers that be, you know, the "app gods," first approved an app to help cellphone users avoid DUI checkpoints, and are now OK with an app that aids in illegal sexual encounters? Sigh. I just don't know anymore. Maybe Charlie Sheen is the one behind approving all these apps and we're now catching on.


Similar to Foursquare, you can check in and then view a map that profiles nearby members. And according to Cult of Mac, a website for users and fans of Mac products, the app is perfect for ladies in the world's oldest profession:

The new, location based app is designed to provide Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies with a quick, effective, and discreet way to locate one another as they go about their everyday lives.

If that doesn't read quickie, I don't know what does. I mean come ON. What self-respecting woman would actually join this site and proceed to use the mobile app, knowing the sorts of men on the other end? Currently, the company's website features a photograph of a "female college student seeking help with tuition and bills" and a male banker "looking to spoil someone special." Excuse me while I go gag.

If anything, I would think this app is the perfect way for cops to snag themselves a few illegal participants, don't you? Since the app functions using GPS software, finding users is totally simple. But whether developers will hand over that information, well, that's a whole other issue. No word on if this app has a price tag. But by the sound of it, there's no shortage of money coming from the male users, anyway.

How do you feel about the SugarSugar Dating App?

Image via kevinmarsh/Flickr

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