Basketball Fans Should Show Oprah Some Respect

Oprah WinfreyI know what you're thinking. The words Oprah and NBA playoffs don't belong in the same sentence. Is it any wonder hoops fans are a little PO'ed at the queen of daytime for messing with their flow?

It turns out Oprah has rented out the United Center in Chicago to tape one of her last shows. That she didn't check with sports forecasters to judge the Chicago Bulls' chances of making the NBA playoffs isn't terribly surprising. She's OPRAH, people. When she says something ... anything ... the women shrieking in response are so loud you can't hear much else anyway.


But here's the problem. The Bulls actually showed up to play this season, and they're in a battle with the Atlanta Hawks to move on to the Eastern Conference finals. Let's hear it for the tall guys with a talent for bouncing balls!

Now the problem is, if the Bulls succeed in six games or less, they want to head back home to Chicago for game one of the Eastern Conference contest. Only Oprah and her big crowds will be in the way. The NBA is actually talking about moving the game back a day, to Sunday, to allow for set-up for Oprah's crew on Monday. Poor tall guys will have to bounce their balls with a little less rest time under their belt. Aww, poor guys!

But let's face it. We have had the NBA playoffs every year since the 1940s. And unlike the Bulls' own household name, Michael Jordan, we're thinking Oprah's going to have the class to only retire ONCE! This is a big deal ladies and gentlemen. We're talking 21,000 screaming fans filling the United Center, hoping to get some Oprah-approved swag. You just don't mess with that kind of hoopla for a little game of hoops.

Basketball has some choices here. They could DELAY the game instead of moving it up. They could move the game (they'll be playing in the opposing team's city at some point anyway). Or they could kick Oprah out.

Yes, that last one's a joke. Everybody knows you don't mess with Oprah. Even if you're the NBA. Come on basketball fans, show some respect! She'll be out of your hair soon enough. And next year there'll be playoffs again.

Do you blame Oprah for this little snafu? Or the folks at the United Center?


Image via Alan Light/Flickr

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