When Soccer Fans Attack: 5 Not-So-Funny Riots

soccer fansNeil Lennon, manager of the Glasgow Celtic soccer (er, futbol) team was attacked, not by a player at Wednesday night's game, but a fan. After the Celtic scored its second goal in a 3-0 win, a dude fled his seat and charged onto the field -- and at Lennon. The sports nut was wrestled to the ground, and Lennon was left unscathed.

This is a pretty crazy story. However, if Lennon weren't sent bombs in the mail a few weeks ago, it would be even crazier. Yes, people. Lennon has been sent bombs and been charged by a fan. All in a day's work.

Now I'm going to say something controversial here -- soccer fans are insane. They're by far the craziest of the crazy. And I have proof. Here are 5 totally bonkers moments in soccer fandom.


Cameron Belford Being Punched in the Face. The English goalie who plays for the team Bury was punched in the face -- and here's photographic evidence -- after he complained about a goal that was scored on him. Calling him a sore loser is one thing, but clocking him in the kisser? That's cold.

Frank Lampard Almost Punched in the Face. Man, you soccer fans really like to rush the field -- and attack -- if you see something you don't like. A few years ago, English midfielder for the team Chelsea was bum-rushed on the field by a fan of the opposing team's. Lampa wound up on the floor -- shirtless, hello! -- and his teammate, Didier Drogba, got involved, too.

Dida Gets Sacked. Milan goalkeeper at the time, Nelson de Jesus Silva, aka Dida, was tapped in the chest by a fan who ran onto the field after a game-winning goal was scored for Milan. Either the tap was much harder than it looked, or Dida deserves an Oscar. The soccer player collapsed to the ground and got the last laugh when the fan was banned from the stadium for life.

The Referee Choking. When referee Herbert Fandel handed out a penalty to Sweden at the last second of a crucial game against Denmark, he probably expected protests from the players and fans alike. What he probably didn't bank on was a Danish fan running onto the field and grabbing him by his neck. Anger management classes, anyone?

The Police Get It. Last year, six fans were arrested after hurling brooms and mops (brooms and mops!) at police after a non-league match. After the game, fans rushed the field (what else is new?) and went totally banoodles on everything in sight. 

What other crazy soccer fan stories do you know of? Do you think soccer fans are the craziest?


Image via funky1opti/Flickr

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