Martha Graham Doodle Keeps Google Classy (VIDEO)

I admit, Google's interactive Pac-Man Doodle provided me with endless minutes of procrastination fun. Who doesn't love Blinkie? But it's nice to see the Internet Goliath using its amazeballs tech powers to promote something that doesn't involve eye-glazing flashing lights and laser beams every once in awhile, which is the case with today's Doodle, an homage to arguably dance's equivalent to Google, Martha Graham.


Today would have been Graham's 117th birthday, and so the Doodle features a dancer fluidly moving from left to right until she spells out "Google." My dance knowledge ends at the Cabbage Patch, but a little research revealed that Google didn't half-ass this one with just any old dance moves. The steps the dancer in the graphic performs are actual moves from some of Graham's most famous works.

It's so refreshing to see some props given to culture -- especially dance, which seems to be the "middle child" of the culture world -- in a space that gives way too much attention to the Kardashians and bad viral pop songs on YouTube. Google could have honored Romeo, the latest fallen Dancing With the Stars contestant, or Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's first public kiss, but instead they not only stayed classy, they upped the classy ante.

The rest of the Internet should take a cue from Big Papa Google. Sure, I love my bad reality TV recaps and salacious celebrity gossip -- reading Tolstoy doesn't really help me wind down after my hectic day -- but I'm still a big fan of the "you learn something new every day" mantra, which doesn't include who Chelsea Handler is dating these days (p.s. it isn't 50 Cent anymore).

Heck, maybe I'll even buy tickets for the Martha Graham Dance Company's 2011-2012 touring season -- I learned today it starts July 1, ya know.

Who/what would you like to see given props in the next Google Doodle?

Image via Google

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