Washington Wizards' New Uniforms & Logo: Like 'Em? (VIDEO)

washington wizards old uniforms

Out with the old ...

The Washington Wizards have a new owner, Ted Leonsis, who obviously has big, big plans for the NBA team. Yup. Leonsis is going to take his new team straight to the top ... of Mr. Black's fashion list.

One of the first things Leonsis has done -- and faster than is usually the case in these types of circumstances -- is to give the team a new uniform and logo. (Typically it takes two years for NBA teams to change their logo -- Leonsis made it happen in 11 months.) The new uniforms were created by a team of 11 designers from Adidas, with input from the NBA and the Wizards.

I'm no fan of the Washington Wizards (nothing personal, I just don't live there), but if someone were to change the logo of my beloved Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics or Patriots, I'd be kind of upset. But Leonsis loves the new look (if he does say so himself).


As he wrote on his blog, Ted's Take:

The changing of the colors is significant in that it now makes red, white and blue the major theme for all three of our sports teams - the Capitals, Wizards and Mystics. I think being located in our Nation’s Capital, that this was an easy and obvious decision.

I am also hopeful that we can create a new iconic mark that will make its way to less expensive merchandise such as hats and t-shirts so that many people can represent our franchise and that they will be proud to wear the mark and think it looks sharp, simple and is a badge that represents us locally!

And it also will help us harken back to the best parts of our past traditions and winning ways.

What we have done is simple and I think elegant. The players like it very much and I hope you will too.

I do.


Well, Ted's given us his take, now let's take a look of our own.

Here's the new uniform and logo:


Gotta say, I love it. Those Adidas designers done good. What do you think of the new uniforms?


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