Google Music Set to Launch Without Many Record Labels

google musicToday, the head honchos from Google are in San Francisco at the Google I/O developers' conference. You know what that means right? Big conferences = big announcements. And rumor has it that today's big announcement is Google's launch of Music Beta. A lot like Amazon's Cloud service, Music Beta will act as an online music locker.

It looks like you'll need an invite to get into this party. And it also seems that some record labels aren't into what Google is doing.


Gmail users will already have access, and if you want the service and don't have Gmail, you DO know someone who does, right? But this record label push back is concerning. No details yet, but if the majors don't allow Google Music the rights to their songs, what good is the 20,000 songs the service is said to hold if you can't get your favorites? That compared to Amazon's 1,000 is a big deal, but Cloud has record label love, meaning no restrictions.

So how exactly will Google's Music Beta operate when it's all set supposedly in three weeks? You'll be able to stream the music from your personal computer that you upload onto the site to a number of other devices for free. That means your music is now available to you on the go, wherever you are, like on another computer (at the office), any Android phone, other Flash supported devices, and even tablets. My only worry is that they'll be unveiling this a little too soon.

Are you interested to see what Google Music Beta has to offer?

Image via Google

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