7 Professional Sports Stars With Ridiculous Tattoos

tattoo artistThe world is full of great tattoos. Classy ones. Meaningful ones. Sexy ones.

And then there is the world of professional sports. Where men have their own name emblazoned across their back because, you know, one day they might be walking shirtless on a beach and someone MAY NOT recognize them without their jersey on. Look up the definition of "dumb jock" in the dictionary, and something tells me one of these guys will appear with their stupid tat:


Hines WardHines Ward -- The Pittsburgh Steelers receiver and Dancing With the Stars finalist is known for his mega-watt smile and Mickey Mouse in the Heisman pose on his muscular arm. But for a guy who takes football this seriously -- he's the all-time team leader in receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns and the only receiver in Steeler history to surpass 1,000 receiving yards for four straight seasons -- it seems odd that Ward treats the sport like a Mickey Mouse operation.

Chris AndersonChris Andersen -- The Denver Nuggets center goes by the nickname Birdman, so I suppose getting the words "Free Bird" inked on either side of his neck seemed like a good idea at the time. Somehow it looks more like he's being choked. Not very freeing.

Stephon Marbury

Stephon Marbury -- He's a two-time NBA all-star currently playing professional ball in China, but he must be pretty forgetful. How else do you explain him having to have an artist ink the logo to his failed clothing line on his head? Just check out your shoes, dude, you must have enough in the closet.

David Beckham back tattoo

David Beckham -- As soccer's golden boy runs out of space on his body for new ink, he seems to be running short on good ideas too. His latest tat by famed artist Mark Mahoney is Jesus being held up by three cherubs. Not so weird? Well to hear Becks tell it, Jesus is not so much Lord and Savior as a representation of Beckham himself. And those cherubs? Those are his sons taking care of him in his old age. Can we say creeeeepy?

Jason Williams

Jason Williams -- Take a close look at the fingers of this recently retired point guard and you'll see the words "White Boy" inked across them. As if you couldn't tell that by looking at him?

DeShawn Stevenson

DeShawn Stevenson -- We could start anywhere with this Dallas Mavericks shooting guard, really, but let's keep it to the neck and above. Check out Abraham Lincoln chilling right under DeShawn's chin. Because our 16th president was known for making tres, right?

Kenyon Martin

Kenyon Martin -- That's not lipstick on the Denver Nuggets' power forward's neck. That's his girlfriend's smacker in permanent ink. Kind of looks like something a 12-year-old girl puts on her envelopes, doesn't it?

What are the craziest tats you've seen in sports?  

Images via danflo/Flickr; Getty Images/Doug Pensinger/Staff; Getty Images/Doug Pensinger/Staff; Getty Images/Stephen Dunn/Staff; David Beckham/Facebook; Getty Images/Elsa; Getty Images/Christian Petersen/Staff; YouTube

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