5 Biggest Facebook Turn-Offs

Woman on FacebookFacebook is a unique balancing act. You know, giving your loyal followers just enough to keep them interested, but not too much to get them annoyed or, worse, creeped out.

And of course, this balance applies to all potential courtships as well. While a few bad pictures may not be the deal breaker for you and your man, being guilty of any of our 5 biggest Facebook turnoffs could be.


1. Having too many photos of yourself. You have this friend. The friend who loves their computer so much that they make love to it. And by make love to it, I mean they take about 1,000 photos of themselves in a variety of different positions. And then they post them. All of them. In a Facebook photo album with the title "JuSt AnOtHer DaY!" ... or something like that. Albums like this make the user seem, oh I don't know, just a little self involved. Self-involved women: not generally appealing to men. 

2. Revealing everything in real time. If you get home from a night out and your new man sees you've already uploaded a photo of him from dinner -- well, that's not exactly enticing. Neither is the main profile photo of the two of you after three dates. It's that little trigger we all have that yells whooaaaaa pump the breaks!

3. Constantly updating your status. There's a difference between Twitter and Facebook. On Facebook, people like to see a well-balanced newsfeed. On Twitter, others expect constant updates. So putting your entire life on Facebook for the world to see, one post at a time, every 45 minutes, well ... it's annoying. Do you not have friends of your own to tell these things to? Must you tell EVERYONE that you're heading to the gym for the third time this week? Sorry, turnoff central.

4. Quoting 'smart' people who you really don't know anything about. It's totally fine if you have a cute quote in your information, if that's your sort of thing. But if you continuously post a wealth of quotes, ranging from topics of loneliness and anger to lovetastic confessions from dead poets you've never heard of, it's too much. Same goes for angry status updates when a man does you wrong. No man EVER wants to be involved with that.

5. Questioning and stalking. You should NEVER ask a man about someone in his Facebook pictures that he hasn't told you about himself. Facebook stalking could lead to major assumptions. Before you know it, you're all bent out of shape about the girl he had his arm around at a football game three years ago, only to find out it's his cousin Sarah. Breathe easy tiger, and pick up another hobby.

Are you guilty of any of these Facebook behaviors? What's your biggest Facebook turnoff?

Image via Ray_From_LA/Flickr

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