PlayStation Network Back Online Soon But Who's Really to Blame?

sony playstation SONY announced today that they expect to have the PlayStation network back online for users by the end of this week. This comes after the news that more than 100 million online gamers had their private information compromised thanks to a massive security breach sometime between April 17 and April 19. That includes 24,000 worldwide users whose credit and debit card information was snatched, as well. Wow, that's some serious hacking.

But alas: A break in the case! Investigators found a file implicating that Anonymous, a "hactivitist group," may have been behind the whole shebang. Their catchphrase: "We are legion." What nerds.

So mystery solved, right?! WRONG. Give me a break, why would ANYONE leave essentially a signature to such a huge crime? Even an idiot could tell you that SONY is barking up the wrong tree.


With all things considered, I guess it's important to take hold of any lead you can get. Especially since the company is answering to millions of users. But any organization or person who actually conducted this hack would be an idiot not to try and leave someone else's "signature" and throw others off their tail. Remember when you were younger, you "accidentally" pushed your sibling over a rock, then immediately untied his shoelaces and said he tripped himself? Of course you do. You made it seem like it was their fault. This is exactly like that.

Thus, Anonymous retaliated the accusations with a response letter for the good people at SONY:

If a legitimate and honest investigation into the credit card is conducted, Anonymous will not be found liable. While we are a distributed and decentralized group, our "leadership" does not condone credit card theft.

I may know nothing about Internet hacking, but even I believe them. If you take a look at the letter they issued, they've come up with some crazy elaborate and well-thought out points. The hacktivist group says that the work they do is in support of individual liberties and protection of privacy. If I didn't know any better, I'd think I was reading something from a superhero. Hell, I wish I could hack and wear an Anonymous t-shirt. Sigh, I just suck at HTML. Oh well.

So what happens now? Well, while SONY receives a subpoena in New York demanding an explanation of how their security measures fail to "allow" the breach, Anonymous will stand tall and hold their ground that they didn't have anything to do with the hack ... this time.

Do you think that Anonymous had anything to do with the SONY PlayStation Network hack?

Image via PsuedoGil/Flickr

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