10 Craziest Hairdos in Sports

Tiger Woods

We can understand some athletes' inclination to want to get a cool hairdo so they stand out from their team members who are all wearing the same uniform. But given some of these professional jocks' bad hairdo choices, we encourage them to strive to impress us with their physical prowess on the field (rink, court, course) rather than the hours (seconds?) they spend at the hair salon.

It's a good thing these top 10 hair offenders get paid for their athletic ability and not their style sense; otherwise, some of these guys would be headed straight for the poor house.

Take a look:


Tiger Woods: Tiger isn't on a team and he doesn't wear a uniform so what's his excuse for wanting to look, uh, different? His dyed patches of hair -- which made him look more like he was balding than blond -- raised many an eyebrow back in 2005. Was this part of some crazy sexual fetish of his? We don't really want to know.


tom brady ponytail

Tom Brady: That woman cackling her face off behind New England Patriots QB Tom Brady -- and super-fine wife Gisele Bundchen -- had pretty much the reaction we all had to Butt Chin's ponytail at Carnival back in March. Ah, only a hot, gorgeous Brazilian supermodel could get a man that pretty to grow out his hair and completely ruin it for the rest of us ...


Dennis Rodman: You can't talk about crazy hair and athletes without talking about "The Worm." He had so many ridiculous haircuts throughout his NBA career, it's hard to pick just one. So take a look at the video above to see some of his finer fashionable moments. You won't be disappointed.


Johnny Damon

Johnny Damon: You could track Damon's baseball career through the ebb and flow of his facial hair and haircuts. Currently he's an outfielder for the Tampa Bay Rays, but the Yankees made him cut off his caveman-like locks back in 2005 due to its strict rules about long tresses. But he's since decided to grow out his hair again and go back to his iconic look. No wonder the Cavemen series failed -- they didn't cast this guy.


Scot Pollard: Yup, another crazy NBA-er who's had enough insane haircuts to warrant his own video. These photos speak for themselves, but the best is at the 0:52 mark. A crazy yellow Mohawk with twisty excess beard hanging off of his chin? Only in the NBA.


Troy PolamaluTroy Polamalu: To not mention Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu whilst discussing hair and the NFL would be a deadly sin. His locks are so famous, he's insured his hair for $1 million! And how bad-ass is it that he can store his cellphone in that luscious mane of his?


Ronaldo Luís Nazário de LimaRonaldo Luis Nazario de Lima: It doesn't get much worse than a half-moon haircut that takes up only 20% of your entire head. Known as Ronaldo, this guy's a retired Brazilian soccer player and was an extremely talented scorer ... it's just too bad that talent didn't translate in the grooming department, at least according to his terribly confused and perplexed follicles.


Jaromir JagrJaromir Jagr: Remember when hockey was synonymous with mullets back in the day? When Jaromir Jagr was a Pittsburgh Penguin, he rocked the most famous NHL mullet of all time. Just take a look at that photo and let all the pleasant memories of business in the front, party in the back overtake you.


Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow: Last summer, Denver Broncos veterans gave rookie Tim Tebow a haircut he (or any of us) will never forget. Don't know if the friar look will ever be in style, and Tebow certainly isn't helping its cause. Not too sure very many pro-life companies looked for his endorsement for Super Bowl commercials when his hair was hacked like this.


Abel XavierAbel Xavier: This former Portuguese soccer player made headlines when he quit football, converted to Islam, and changed his first name to Faisal. But none of that ought to top the crazy hairdos this guy has sported in the past. Trust me, this look is even better/more cringe-worthy when he rocks the blond beard and 'stache.

Which sports star's 'do is the craziest to you?


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