Google Chrome Wrongly Takes Credit for 'It Gets Better' Campaign (VIDEO)

dan savage it gets betterIf you were watching Glee live last night, you probably couldn't help but catch a commercial for Google Chrome, which features columnist and gay-rights activist Dan Savage, who started the "It Gets Better" project. The project began shortly after Tyler Clementi committed suicide. Savage's aim: To produce and gather user-generated videos that tell LGBT youth, "It gets better." So far, the project has gotten submissions from celebs, politicians, media personalities, etc. -- from President Barack Obama to Anne Hathaway, Suze Orman, Lady Gaga, Tim Gunn, even kids at my alma mater, Emerson College (they know all about how much better it gets!).

And all along the way, at least according to Savage in this commercial, Google Chrome has been there helping him make it happen.


It Gets Better is a phenomenal idea that deserves all the publicity it can get. Although I don't currently use it, I trust my friends who do that Google Chrome is probably a great product. I'm sure Savage does use it every day to work on the project. But something about the partnership strikes me as off.

Maybe it's that an organization as altruistic and real and heartfelt as It Gets Better is shilling for a big Internet company that doesn't really need the extra push? Maybe it's that I don't really want to hear Dan Savage telling me to use Google Chrome, cuz I'm perfectly fine using Firefox? (Ha ha.)

I just feel a little played, ya know? Like Dan Savage and Google are conspiring to pull at our heartstrings in an effort to get us to ... download new software? (Speaking of -- anyone else see that new iPad commercial, where Apple shows how everyone from a teacher to a OBGYN uses their iPad? It will tear your heart right out!) But, yeah, Google and iPad are changing our lives ... Some people, like Savage, are using everyday to change the world. I guess why shouldn't we get a little emotional about 'em? 

In the end, there are worse pairings I could envision coming together for commercial purposes. (Like, say, Target and Lady Gaga!) At least in this match-up, even if they're using one another, both It Gets Better and Google deserve to succeed. 

Here's the commercial in case you've yet to catch it ...

What do you think about Dan Savage and It Gets Better promoting Google Chrome?


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