Jets Are Cool With Kenrick Ellis Going to Prison

prisonThe Jets' decision to pick Kenrick Ellis for their team is an interesting choice, to say the least. Sure, the 6-foot-5, 333-pound defensive tackle from Hampton seems to possess the raw talent that the Jets need to finally make it to the Super Bowl, but what about his character?

In addition to facing a July jury trial for an assault charge that could carry a penalty of 20 years in prison, Ellis comes with a lovely host of other treats. Let's discuss.

Ellis originally began college at South Carolina, but he was dismissed for repeated violations of team and university policies. Those violations were allegedly failing multiple drug tests. Then, after transferring to Hampton, Ellis was suspended for the first game of the 2010 season after being charged with assault for a fight the previous April, where he broke a man’s nose and jaw. Sounds like an awesome dude!


The thing I like best about these kinds of stories -- you know the ones where athletes are charged with things, yet they still manage to reap the rewards of a steady job and all things awesome -- is the coaches', managers', and/or owners' comments on them. They crack me up!

Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum repeatedly said he was “comfortable” with Ellis; he was "excited" about Ellis; and that he and the Jets have done extensive research and background checks on Ellis. So, wait, what kind of job is this, where it's okay to have "might go to jail for 20 years" on your record? I want that!

This is just another classic tale of "Who cares what athletes do?!" I mean, they're just athletes, guys. We should all know and respect by now that they march to the beat of a different drummer. And by "march to the beat of a different drummer" I mean "do whatever the eff they want, yet still make millions of dollars!" Kewl!

You know what would be awesome? If Kenrick winds up getting off scot-free with his charges, then he ends up being this killer player, then he does more bad crap, then gets off again, forever and ever 'til the end of time! I would like that. That would be a really good role model for little boys, don't you think?

What do you think about the Jets' choice to pick Kenrick Ellis?


Image via Tim Pearce, Los Gatos/Flickr

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