Blind Woman Who Wins Marathon Inspires Moms Everywhere (VIDEO)

amy McDonaugh Looking for a bright spot on this dreary Monday? Well, here's your daily inspirational story! A South Carolina SAHM (stay-at-home mom) who is legally blind won the women's race at the 13th Annual Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati yesterday. Thirty-four-year-old Amy McDonaugh ran the 26.2-mile route without a guide to hit the finish line in 2 hours, 58 minutes, 14 seconds. When she was interviewed by local Cincinnati news directly following her win, she says she was having fun the entire way. That's impressive for anyone -- let alone someone who is blind in her right eye and has 23/100 vision in her left eye with no peripheral sight.

So, how did McDonaugh navigate the race? Well, she can see what's directly in front of her, so she explained that she stayed focused on the runners running just within her line of vision.


Despite the hand she's been dealt, McDonaugh seems like a completely happy-go-lucky woman. She explained to the AP how running has become somewhat of an outlet for her ... 

I have three children and because of I'm legally blind I'm a stay-at-home mom. After the third child, I needed to get out of the house ... My husband would say "See you in 20 minutes" and that turned into an hour. I love it because it's something I can do. I could never play sports or anything like that. This is the one sport I could do.

And by doing it, she means she's gone all out. The Cincinnati race isn't her first big race by far -- she's also participated in the Boston, Marine Corps, and Myrtle Beach marathons.

Well, wow, hmm, this really should make all of us take a step back and think about our own ability to pick ourselves up and go for something -- anything we can "do." It's clear that McDonaugh certainly doesn't let anything stand in her way -- not legal blindness or the occasional bump into another runner (which she said she wanted to apologize for -- chill, girl, I'm sure people who can see perfectly fine do it ALL the time!). Amazingly, she's just focused on having fun, and winning seems to be a side effect.

Here's McDonaugh's interview with a local Cincinnati reporter ...

Are you inspired by McDonaugh's achievement?


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