T-Mobile Livens Up the Royal Wedding (VIDEO)

Prince Harry
Raise the roof, Prince Harry!
We all loved and shared and tweeted and retweeted the YouTube spectacular JK Wedding Entrance Dance when it came out in 2009. Best. Wedding. Video. Ever! Of course, like anything we commoners do way better than big money advertising executives, companies want a share of that viral social media pie.

The new T-Mobile Royal Wedding video advertisement riffs off the original and brings in some uncanny Royal look-alikes -- seriously, is that the real Camilla? The cell phone company has already gotten more than 12.9 million views, but they have a long way to go before they catch up to the original, which sits at over 65 million views to date.

In any case, the T-Mobile ad is good fun -- probably way more fun than we can actually expect from the real Royal Wedding (I'm counting on you to raise the roof, Prince Harry!).


According to The Telegraph, the T-Mobile ad was filmed in London's St. Bartholomew the Great, not Westminster Abbey, as you can see by the far less grand ceiling height. However, we can only sit back and dream that anyone -- even Harry -- will rock it down the aisle like this at the real event.

Oh, the money I would pay ...

WATCH the T-Mobile Royal Wedding:

What do you think? As good as the original?


Image via YouTube

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