Arizona Diamondbacks 'All Star' Promotion Is Major League Fail (VIDEO)

all star game 2011Ready to cringe? Okay, consider yourself forewarned. Arizona will host the 82nd Annual MLB All-Star game at Chase Field in Phoenix on July 12, and the Arizona Diamondbacks organization is already all over the upcoming event. It's gonna be a big deal for the Phoenix community and the entire state, so I get the hype. But what I do not get is how ... why ... what ... the hell ... they were thinking with an awful promo video the organization recently uploaded onto YouTube. It's clear that they're super-psyched, and their spirits are really high, and that's AWESOME. But seriously, whoever conceptualized this video must have been high.

First of all, it's a group lip-dub (a la the Marines' version of Britney's "Hold It Against Me" that we fell in love with last week) to -- get this, so-cheesy-it's-scary alert -- Smash Mouth's "All Star." AGH! Could they have picked a song that was more horrid, stale, unoriginal ... yeah, I could go on and on.


The song choice is one thing ... but there's the fact that it seems like absolutely no one in the video knows the words to the song. (WHAT? Do they not remember the late '90s whatsoever? You could not go anywhere or do anything without encountering that song in 1999.) Then, it gets scary ... oh yes, around 2:04-ish. Here come ball players dressed in bobblehead costumes, just strutting in the arena. Real-life EIGHT-FEET-TALL bobbleheads terrify me.

Soon, there are random Backstreet Boys impersonators, and more people who don't know the words to the song. Your head will spin.

Sure, the Diamondbacks front office crew gets an A+ for effort and enthusiasm, but couldn't the MLB help out just a little bit with rights to a better song or, erm, glossier production? This is the All-Star game, after all. Something about that doesn't exactly scream "shoddy," "dated," or "slightly disturbing" to me.

I'm sure this was just intended to be a fun, viral video, but come on -- this is major league baseball we're talkin' about. All I'm sayin' is they coulda done better.

Check out the vid for yourself -- if you can stomach it.

How frightening is this video? Will you be tuning into the MLB All-Star game this July?

Image via MLB

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