Will Janoris Jenkins Start a Trend in Professional Sports?

janoris jenkinsFinally! An appropriate punishment for an athlete! I have waited for this day for so long! You guys ... brace yourselves. A football player has been kicked off the team for doing something bad. Hoo-ray! And the world restores a touch of balance!

Before you get too excited, though, you should know that it wasn't an NFL player, it was a Pee Wee player. Just kidding. It was Janoris Jenkins, and he was a cornerback for the University of Florida. He was good, too! He was the second freshman in school history to start at cornerback on opening day. Aw, too bad, so sad.

Janoris was booted from the team after he was arrested for the third time. The first time was due to a brawl he got into, the second two times were because he like-a the gange. (He was caught smoking weed.) I think it's a refreshingly appropriate punishment -- and Lord knows that's rarely the case.


Clearly, Jenkins thought he was above "rules," if this was his third arrest. And clearly athletes in general feel this way. How else do you explain Tiger Woods, Wayne Rooney, and my personal arch nemesis, owl killer/person kicker, Luis Moreno?

These guys rarely have to face consequences. I mean, Moreno only had to sit out for two games after killing the bird on the field! Then for seven games, after he kicked another player. After that, though? He'll be back to kickin' balls like a maniac. Not fair. However, I actually don't think it would have been fair if Tiger was kicked out golf, because what he did -- no matter how disgusting -- had nothing to do with his job.

When athletes do things like get arrested three times or kill wildlife, they should be kicked off the team, plain and simple. The fact that Jenkins is no longer going to be playing football -- something that was basically his life -- will make him learn. If he kept getting arrested without any real consequences, he'd just be another rich athlete walking the earth, thinking the world should bow down to his every need.

Way to have balls, Florida. You did the right thing -- even if it does mean hurting your team.

What do you think of all these athletes always getting off scot-free?


Image via Sam Greenwood/Getty

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