Because Being Frozen in Carbonite Is All the Rage

carboniteIf you're a true geek, then you know how cool it is to pretend you're frozen in carbonite, like Han Solo was in The Empire Strikes Back. It was tragic, but man, it was also cool. Cause, you know, total happy ending and Han came out okay!

We talk about carbonite at least once a day in our household. In fact, here's a photo of my son Leo totally frozen in carbonite (a.k.a. in the bathtub; nevermind the bubbles). This is his favorite bathtub game, which we call "Leo in Carbonite."

So if you're totally into such geekery, which means you're totally into all things Star Wars (especially carbonite) and Apple, then you'll love the new Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone case. It really doesn't get anymore awesome in this galaxy than this.


Steve Jobs in Carbonite ($35)
Steve Jobs in Carbonite ($35
The gray Steve Jobs in Carbonite case has a metallic look and features a Steve Jobs likeness, all decked out in glasses and his signature jeans and turtleneck. It just snaps onto your iPhone and its flexible plastic protects your critical device (from breaking or the dark side ... or something really evil like that ...). The case fits the iPhone 3G, 3Gs, or 4.

I still love this Han Solo in Carbonite Throw Pillow too.

Are you or your kids totally into carbonite games or gadgets?


Images via Sheri Reed and Society6

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