Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Pays Women Winners Less Than Men

hot dogWhen I think of women's equality, usually things like equal pay come to mind. Hot dog eating contests do not. Apparently I'm in the minority, though, because, due to popular demand, Nathan’s Famous July Fourth International Hot Dog Eating Contest now has a women's division! Coincidentally, the pay is totally not equal.

First of all, I don't know why women -- or anyone, for that matter -- would want to take part in such a gluttonous event. And I really don't understand why men get $20,000 if they win, and women only get $5,000.

Looks like we've got another corporate battle to fight, ladies. We can do it! Let's make Susan B. Anthony proud, and in the immortal words of Helen Reddy -- we are strong, we are invincible, we are women!


To the ladies who actually want to take part in this activity, I ask you this: Why? (Not really addressing the dudes here, 'cause I don't expect much more out of them. "Eat 70 hotdogs in 15 minutes for $20,000? Where do I sign?" Scratch, scratch, scratch.)

Why, ladies, why would you want to shove a disgusting amount of hot dogs into your mouth for cash? Sound dirty? It was meant to! I mean, hot dogs of all things -- could it get any more phallic? Actually, sausages would probably be worse. But, really, ladies? Come on! This sport is so gross, so idiotic, I was proud that we females were above it. Guess I was sorely mistaken.

And as for Nathan's, why in the hell is the women's prize $15,000 less than the men's? I mean, I would maybe let it slide if it were $5,000, but $15,000? That's almost a down payment on a house! If anything, the women's prize should be more since women in general can't eat as much as men. It's harder, more rigorous for them. They probably have to practice more. How else do you think Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas ate 41 dogs in 15 minutes? That's years of training right there!

Well, I guess we've made some progress -- in the world of competitive eating, not in the world of the human race. At least women can now compete. Now it's just going to take some trail-blazing gal to secure higher pay for future hot dog eaters to come. I nominate you, Black Widow.

What do you think about women competing in the hot dog contest -- and getting paid less than men?


Image via Digital Sextant/Flickr

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