Mythical White iPhone 4 Is Here to Rip You Off

white iphone 4Oh, Apple thinks it is so sneaky!! Without any formal announcement about when the white iPhone 4 would be out (the company did confirm at least that it existed ... 10 months ago!), we're now hearing that it's supposedly dropping tomorrow.

For you skeptical techy sleuths, don't worry -- there's plenty of solid proof that tomorrow, April 27 is the day. It makes sense, being that Apple promised it would sell a white iPhone 4 by May. reports that various sources claim Apple retail stores are getting promo materials. Sites, like Apple Insider, confirm it launches tomorrow. And lots of stores have reportedly gotten shipment notifications for the white iPhone 4 SKUs; these stores are supposed to hold those shipments in the back of the store until they’re given further notice.

See, for as sneaky as they think they're being, it's kind of impossible for Apple to keep all of their top-secret plans under wraps for too long. But I gotta say, they do a pretty good job.


Here's the thing ... I'm not sure what all the hype is all about at all. So ... it's white? So what? My iPhone 3GS is white. I love my iPhone 3GS. It's been through hell, and it still works as well or better than the day I bought it. In fact, I skipped buying an iPhone 4 altogether, because I wasn't interested in having to treat it like a newborn, wrapping it up in a blanket "bumper" for its own comfort. Now, Apple thinks they're gonna pull the wool over the wide eyes of some more naive customers.

As far as features go, it doesn't seem like the new iPhone will have anything different to offer customers who are already proud owners of an original iPhone 4. It's just ... white. And this is supposed to be enough to make Apple-philes swoon? Enough to boost Apple's sales while they put off the next generation iPhone 'til the fall? Psshh! Do they take us for total fools??

Personally, I am holding out for the iPhone 5, or 4GS, or whatever the heck they're going to call the next iPhone that is actually an UPGRADE. That actually has something new goin' for it. Cuz running out to an Apple store to pick up anything less would be jumping the gun completely.

Do you have any interest in owning the white iPhone 4?


Image via Micky Aldridge/Flickr

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