Brewers Player Ryan Braun Couldn't Refuse Fan's Marriage Proposal

marry me ryan braun signThis must be Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun's lucky month. Last week, he signed a $105 million contract extension, and this past Friday night, he got a surprise marriage proposal. Except it was from ... a stranger. A fan, actually.

Oh, wait, that's no big deal, right, because baseball fans will often hold up poster boards that say, "I love you [insert hot baseball player like Ryan Braun/Derek Jeter/Nick Markakis], will you marry me?" But this time, the fan, who identified herself as Robin, took it a step further ... She printed her full cellphone number above her proposal. And if it weren't enough to flaunt her digits to all of Miller Park, the sign ended up being broadcast on FOX Sports Wisconsin. You know what comes next, right? Fans from all over the state began prank-calling the would-be Mrs. Braun. In all, Robin received over 200 phone calls and 600 text messages!

Guess who else tried to dial her up? Braun himself!


What a sweetie. After hearing what went down with Robin, Braun tried to give her a call -- I'm sure to politely turn down her proposal, being that he already has a lady. caught the moment on video. Just when you think the crazy fan is gonna get her moment to chat with the pro, the phone goes straight to voicemail. And ack, he couldn't leave a message because, whoops, her voicemail box was full! With a boyish grin Braun turns to the camera and says, "Not meant to be!" D'oh!

The proposal also earned Robin an interview, in which she confessed that she thought putting her number on the poster was a good idea initially, but it seems like she came to regret it. (Maybe when she realized she had to switch her phone to "airplane mode" to prevent incoming calls and texts?)

Usually these ladies who take their sports crushes to an extreme make me roll my eyes. If you're not a teenager anymore, I don't know if you belong in the stands anywhere holding up a sign that declares your undying affection for someone you've never met. But wow, Robin may be on to something here! Her "whoops!" moment is now national news, and how much ya wanna bet someone offers her a contract for a reality show? (It'll be like The Celebrity Apprentice meets The Millionaire Matchmaker!) Oh wait. There's already a reality show about "baseball groupies" in the works, possibly entitled Cleat Chasers! Duh. Now, Robin's totally got the hook-up to star on that.

Guess sometimes it pays to be a crazy fan.

Would you ever propose to your biggest sports crush?


Image via FOX Sports Wisconsin

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