Lakers' Derrick Caracter Assaults Woman Without Remorse

derrick caracterHow to upstage foe-to-gays-turned-friend-of-GLAAD Kobe Bryant: Go to New Orleans and drink your face off. Get a late night snack at the closest IHOP. Get belligerent. Shove, "grab, and pull" an allegedly pregnant cashier. Get arrested and booked into jail on charges of battery, public drunkenness, and resisting arrest. That's precisely what fellow L.A. Lakers player, rookie forward Derrick Caracter, did in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Because he's a pro-athlete and bond was set at a measly $1,000, Caracter was freed later Sunday morning. Thankfully, the pregnant cashier wasn't injured. The Lakers have yet to make a public statement, but I'll bet whoever does PR over there is none too happy with the team right now. What the hell is going on with them?


I know it used to be "cute" and all to "act up" as a pro b-ball player. For instance, remember Dennis Rodman? He was all kinds of wacko and crazy and pulled nutty stunts all the time. And then, oh yeah, he got arrested for domestic violence when he got into an altercation with a girlfriend a couple of years ago. But, for a little while there, maybe in the '90s, it seemed like he was the one and only "bad boy" of the NBA. (Or at least the most prominent.)

Now is everyone, especially on the Lakers, competing against one another to be the "baddest"? (Kind of like how Nic Cage seemingly attempted to one-up Charlie Sheen with his own little showdown in New Orleans last week?) Maybe when a gay slur is, like, so yesterday's news, you gotta go around shoving women to get your name in lights?

After all, in some ways, we've been rewarding the guys who act out the most. Sure, it's a passing thing, but there are people who have actually SPENT MONEY to see Charlie Sheen live. Despite his serious bad behavior, Kobe Bryant has still gotten major endorsements. There are probably people who think Tiger is a "pimp." Albeit awful, it's true.

I hate to say it, but maybe the NBA -- starting with the L.A. Lakers, since they seem to have the most prominent d-bags in the headlines on their team -- need to put their foot down more. Nasty, immature, especially violent behavior is just plain unacceptable, end of story. When players start acting totally wackadoo like Bryant and Caracter have, they obviously need to be reminded that being paid an INSANE amount of money to play any sport professionally is a privilege. One that can -- and should -- be revoked for "bad behavior" at any time.

How do you think the NBA should address what Derrick Caracter did?


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