7 Reasons Your Boss Should Pay for Your Smartphone

iphones ipadSure, these days just about anyone -- if given the choice -- would opt to have an iPhone or a Droid phone over a boring, old-school, flippy-dippy Samsung (like what my boyfriend still proudly rocks). But incurring the extra data charge is often where most of us will get tripped up. Shellin' out another $30+ just to use a tiny, sometimes shoddy version of the darn Internet on-the-go doesn't feel "worth it" to everyone. But hey, if you could get your job to reimburse you for it, that might change how you feel, right?

More often now, employers are allowing employees to use their personal gadgets for work. And, in turn, some companies will actually foot the bill for the extra costs associated with that smartphone or tablet. Want to get yourself this sweet deal? Sure you do! But first, you'll need to come up with a pretty good case for your boss.

Here, 7 good arguments guaranteed* to score you gadget reimbursement ...

(*not really)


1. Hours of "Angry Birds" will give you an edge. In the modern work world, you're kidding yourself if you think you're just competing against yourself. Nope, you gotta worry about competing against your colleagues, your higher-ups, and everyone else in your industry. That's why your boss should fund your "Angry Birds" obsession foster your competitive nature through game play.

2. Facebook will help you "network." Whatever would make you think Facebook is a waste of time? No way! Whether you're in sales, entertainment, health care, engineering, or contracting, time spent checking status updates could be considered R&D. That's because these days, you're more likely to hit up your friends for favors to discuss collaborating through social networking than boring old face-to-face chats or emails! After all, they'll get a sense of "intimacy" if you "poke" them, instead of sending a straight-up, boring pitch.

3. Texting will improve your performance on the job. You can argue that when you're making plans with your buddies for happy hour via text, you're actually improving your WPM (words per minute) -- so that, in the future, your turnaround time for shooting back emails to co-workers and your boss will be even FASTER.

4. Using Twitter will gain you greater "brand visibility." The more you tweet, the more people will "follow" you. And the more followers, the more people will know about you! And since you work for your company, they'll also know about your company. And that can lead to better business. Duh.

5. The built-in iPhone tracking device could give your boss greater "visibility" of your whereabouts. Err, even if it is the pub down the street for a beer at 4 p.m. (You were supposed to be on the clock 'til 6:30? Whoooops.)

5. Making your moves on "Words With Friends" will bolster your ability to shmooze. That way when you're making a pitch to a client, your conversations won't be derailed by a limited vocabulary consisting mostly of "like," "you know," "uhh," "uhm," and "stuff."

7. "Checking in" on Foursquare will make you a star employee. Because, obviously, you're at the cafe to get your boss a coffee, too! Hello, that's how you became mayor of your neighborhood Starbucks!

Would you try to get your employer to cover your smartphone or tablet?


Image via Blake Patterson/Flickr

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