Serena Williams Joins the 'Athletes Who Attempt Rapping' Club (VIDEO)

serena williams musicTennis superstar Serena Williams is taking her talents off the court, and into the recording studio. Last week, the 29-year-old from Michigan laid down a few tracks with hip-hop producer DJ Clue. And she's supposedly working with a record label owned by footballer Bryant McKinnie. Personally, I'm curious to see if the tennis pro will be serving us some ballads or spitting some Kanye-worthy lyrics.

I won't say that Serena's music venture will flop. I'm afraid to actually, considering she has a 129 mph serve. But the reality is that athletes don't exactly have the best track record when it comes to breaking into the music industry.

Check out these four jocks who tried to make it in music.


1. Basketball player Kobe Bryant, "K.O.B.E" featuring Tyra Banks
He's not a horrible rapper. He rhymes just like the rest of them. But anyone with an ego big enough to sing a chorus about how amazing they are ... well, that's just ridiculous. Tyra Banks sings: "I believe you are very fine. If you give me one chance, I promise to love you." Really Tyra? I almost thought you were better than that. We all know Kobe's not.

2. Wrestler The Rock, "It Doesn't Matter" featuring Wyclef Jean
Dwayne Johnson was known in his wrestlin' days for his saying "It doesn't matter," and this song takes it to a whole new level. I'll do what I think Johnson wanted listeners to do, and take this one with a grain of salt. It's funny ... at the beginning. And then after about the 18th "It doesn't matter," all I can think is TURN THIS S*!@ OFF.

3.Football player Deon Sanders, "Must Be The Money"
Um, erm ... eeeeee ... his slow grind just makes me feel very, very uncomfortable.

4. Wrestler Randy Savage "The Macho Man", "Speaking From The Heart"
The song's awful. There's not questioning that. But what's even worse? You'll never guess who produced this track. I'll give you two hints. Hint No. 1: He used to judge American Idol. Hint No. 2: His name starts with S, and ends with imon Cowell. I'm just embarrassed.


I'll give it to Serena, though. These flops are all by men. Hopefully we'll see something much more dignified, less embarrassing, and vibrant from the former world No. 1 ranked professional tennis player. And if it's not Billboard 100 material, we can at least count on her to rock some sweet clothes in the music video.

What do you think about athletes taking on the music industry?

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