LeBron James Falls Further in Love ... With Himself (VIDEO)

LeBron JamesWell basketball fans, it seems the impossible has happened. LeBron James has fallen further in love with himself. You thought the hour-long ESPN LeBron special focused solely on King James announcing to the world where he thought he should ball in 2011 was evidence enough of his hubris?

Introducing The LeBrons, a cartoon that's all about James' favorite subject: LeBron James! Launched last month, we here at The Stir have been spared just learned that people are actually watching this thing. The episode uploaded last week has more than 200,000 hits and counting.


OK, so it seems the "King" has his heart in the right place. When LeBron announced the series earlier this year, he intended it to be a "great way to show youths of all ages how to be a good person." Nice, right? All positive, kid-friendly messages and whatnot. Almost makes you feel all warm and gushy inside. Almost.

Until you watch The LeBrons and realize it's really "a great way to show youths of all ages how to be just like LeBron!" It offers a look at his childhood in Akron, Ohio (although I didn't catch that law-breaking mama in what I watched ... which isn't saying much, as I couldn't watch it all). As the theme song offers up "You see the lights, the fame, you see the bling, but you should meet LeBron before he became King." Soooo, that would be before he became a bad sport with a God complex? Check it out (if you can stomach it):

Sitting pretty on a multitude of "athletes we love to hate" lists, it isn't simply that James has crafted a show that's all about HIM that makes The LeBrons so objectionable. It's that he falls rather high on the list of "athletes no one wants their kid to grow up to be like." He is, as we chanted at many a high school basketball game, "over-rated." He's never won a championship, has continued his reign as a choker for the Miami Heat in the playoffs, but expects to be treated quite literally like a "king." 

When is LeBron going to realize that telling us how great he is isn't working? He has to actually show us.


Image via YouTube

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