Chris Paul Would Hit His Own Mom to Win a Basketball Game

chris paulBasketball players. They say the darndest things, don't they? First, there was Kobe dropping the F-bomb (not that F-bomb, the other, more derogatory F-bomb). Now there's Chris Paul, saying he'd have no problem taking his mom out if he saw her on the court. What's up with these guys?

Last night, a reporter asked the New Orleans star what it felt like to battle with the All Mighty Kobe Bryant all game. His response was:

He would do me the same way. It's all in fun, but it's our livelihood. I don't care if my mother was on the court. I'd hit her, too.

Well, that didn't seem necessary, did it? In fact, that's flat-out mean. Does Chris Paul really mean it, though? Nah.


I mean, really, I find it hard to believe that if Chris saw his mother, his own flesh and blood out on the court, he would hit her. He might steal the ball from her, dunk on her, but hit her? I'd be shocked. I mean, the guy runs a basketball camp for little kids for cryin' out loud. How bad could he be?

I'm not one to make excuses for athletes or Charlie Sheens or anyone else drunk with power, but it just sounds like the guy was on a high from winning and spewed whatever came to mind first. I think any media frenzy that follows such a comment -- Is Chris Paul abusive to his mother? Is he a mom beater? -- is ridiculous, and simply making something out of nothing.

That said, I do think Chris and Kobe need to watch what they say. Think before speaking. Millions of people are watching them, including kids who want to be like them. I realize that basketball is intense, and you don't always have time to ponder if what you're saying is "appropriate" before blurting it out, but maybe an index card taped to their locker of "no-no" words and phrases might be helpful.

I also think it's safe to say the F-word and "I'd hit my mom" would probably make the list.

What do you think of Chris Paul's comments?


Image via Jeff Zelevansky/Getty

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