Brandon Marshall Hospitalized, Add It To The Long List

Michi Nogami-Marshall mugshot

Brandon Marshall, Wide Receiver for the Miami Dolphins, has just been released from the hospital after having had emergency surgery, early this morning, because of a stab wound to his stomach, according to ESPN. It looks like he will be fine ... except for the fact, of course, that he was stabbed — by his newlywed wife!

There are little details about the actual incident other than the fact he told police that he slipped and fell onto a broken glass vase and that his wife, Michi Nogami-Marshall, told them she stabbed him in an act of self-defense.

His wife, of course, was taken into custody, hence the mugshot to the left ... but she was released on $7,500 bail. This is at least the second incident involving some sort of domestic dispute between these two — the first happened soon after they were engaged, but thankfully didn't involve any sharp objects or trips to the hospital.


Hearing about any domestic violence makes my stomach turn ... especially because more often than not charges are dropped and the people involved want to just pretend it never happened in the first place.

The thing with Marshall though, it is kind of amazing to me that he doesn't freaking learn from his past mistakes. His "rap sheet" is so damn long. The Denver Post has an amazing timeline of Brandon Marshall events that shows how crazy his last seven years have been! Can one person seriously attract this much drama without doing something to initiate or instigate it? I don't believe people are predestined to have bad crap happen to them. 

Since 2004 Marshall has had multiple charges brought against him ... incidentally, most of them were dropped. And in just a two year period (2006 - 2008) police had been called to get involved in upwards of 10 domestic incidents between him and Rasheedah Watley, a previous girlfriend. Also, as a side note to the girlfriend drama, in 2007 Marshall claimed his father tried to run him over, while his father claimed Marshall had fired a gun.

All I am saying is they may have arrested Michi Nogami-Marshall, but holy cow, who knows how things really went down last night!

Have you followed this Brandon Marshall story, and do you think it can get any worse?

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