HTC Thunderbolt Deal So Good It Might Convert AT&T Subscribers

thunderboltSmartphones can be intimidating. They're shiny, so much faster than your 10-year-old flip-phone, and capable of touting enough apps to fill Noah's Ark. By far the most intimidating thing about a smartphone? The price. These days, it's rare to see any 4G device for under $300.

Amazon wants to help you out with that. Between now and midnight Pacific Time on Monday, April 25, Amazon Wireless is chopping the price of the Thunderbolt to $129.99 for new Verizon subscribers. That's a whopping $570 price cut.

Really, is there any justifiable reason not to switch to Verizon and buy a Thunderbolt right now?


I've seen a lot of bargains in my day. My most recent steal of $195 Michael Kors gold wedges for $27.99 (DSW for the win!) seems totally insignificant compared to this deal. You can totally use a Thunderbolt smartphone for so much more than accessorizing a summer outfit. You know, like checking movie times on the go, finding new spots to grab drinks with friends in an unfamiliar place, and recording home videos of your too-cute kiddos.

Unfortunately I already have Verizon, so this deal isn't applicable for me. However, I am up for a new phone, finally, and this deal got me looking at what the Thunderbolt has to offer.

The phone has some totally cool features. First things first, just like its new iPhone brethren, there are two cameras, one rear facing for HD photos and one forward facing for video chat. It also features high definition video and a 1 Ghz processor. Ooooh, and since I've been a BlackBerry Curve devotee for the last three years, the Thunderbolt's 4.3-inch touchscreen is a sweet change of pace I'd welcome with open arms.

With a great price, great features, and a great wireless carrier -- what else is there to want? If you want to buy one, get your HTC Thunderbolt on sale here.

What do you think of the Amazon Wireless deal on the Thunderbolt phone?

Image via Amazon

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