Sentimental Madrid Soccer Trophy Smashed During Victory Parade (VIDEO)

sergio ramosHave you ever waited a long time for something, then when it finally got there, it totally didn't live up to your expectation? That's so not what happened to Sergio Ramos, the defender for Spain's Real Madrid. He just ruined the victory parade for his team. After waiting 18 years to win back the Copa Del Rey trophy, Ramos managed to break it in about four seconds.

Take a look:


Wednesday night, after Real Madrid beat Barcelona, the team was riding around in a celebratory bus in a parade when Ramos, apparently much better with his feet than his hands, accidentally dropped the trophy. Naturally, it fell in front of the moving bus, and onlookers watched as the driver rode over it in slow-mo. "Nooooooo!"

The trophy currently is in critical condition -- at least 10 separate pieces. Right now a replica is on display at the Real Madrid museum while the real one is repaired. One word for you Ramos: Awkward!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how awkward is this?


Image via Manuel Queimadelos/Getty

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