10 Reasons Macs Are Better Than PCs (In Bed)

mac vs. pcI love my Mac. I really do. He's always there for me after a long day -- so bright and happy, just waiting to be used. And for years as the great computer debate of Mac vs. PC has boggled the minds of many, I've sat back, gazing ever-so-longingly at my Mac, and chuckled.

However, my hypothesis continues beyond just the quality of Mac's products, mis amigas. Because I have come to the brilliant conclusion that Macs users themselves are also better lovers. Trust me, I've done a fair share of research involving many dates the Socratic method and other scientific formulas. And this is why I can give you no fewer than 10 reasons why Macs are better than PCs in bed. Starting with their stamina ...


1. They last longer.

2. They're more expensive than PCs. Meaning they're more of a status symbol. Meaning he'll totally take you out to dinner first.

3. You know what they say: An Apple a day keeps the doctor away ...

4. They look prettier. I'd so much rather have a Justin Long than a corporate slob. Brains AND beauty? I'm sold.

5. They start at 13 inches.

6. They operate better. No waiting impatiently for things to ... ahem ... function. 

7. Virus-free guaranteed.

8. Sleep mode won't happen unless you tell it to.

9. Mr. Mac has many more, cooler accessories.

10. He'll be ready to use. No waiting, no big setup required. 

Are you a Mac or a PC?

Image via Shachar Pearl/ Flickr

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