Giants Pitcher Brian Wilson Lip Syncs With Keenan Cahill (VIDEO)

brian wilsonI woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed. Man alive, I was in a sour mood -- it was rainy and dreary, my head ached, and then to top it off, I spent $7 on breakfast, like a real jerk. But then something happened. I saw the best video ever. San Fransisco Giants closer Brian Wilson (think beard, not Beach Boys) released a YouTube lip sync video with none other than viral sensation Keenan Cahill. And now I'm in the best mood ever! Little birds are tying my hair bows, mice are hemming my dress, and I'm singing "Dynamite" over and over in my head, doing little dance moves and skipping around like an idiot! It's a great day to be alive!

This video brings a whole new meaning to Fear the Beard -- Wilson's got moves on and off the mound.


If you didn't watch any of the World Series last October, you missed an impressive run by the San Fran Giants, and the esprit de corps that surrounded the city and its team. Closing pitcher Brian Wilson had a lot to do with the team's passion and fun-loving way of embracing its fans and getting the wins they needed. Wilson threw the final pitch in the World Series to beat the Texas Rangers in the short five-game series that brought the first title to San Fran since the Giants moved there in 1958.

Wilson decided to stop shaving his beard in August of 2010 and would let it grow until the Giants' season was over. Well, it grew and grew, and grew. The longer it got, the darker it got, and fans took notice. They started showing up to games wearing fake beards as Wilson became the face, and the facial hair, behind the team.

While some fans want him to join the WWE, to take on a baseball-loving wrestling persona, I think he's got a chance at pop-stardom. He's got the swagger, and he's got the heart. Keenan, the disabled 15-year-old YouTube phenom, Wilson, Giants teammate Cody Ross, and the Giants mascot make one hell of a boy band. The video, as I may have mentioned, can brighten even the darkest day. Good god it's fun to watch.

At the end of the video, there's text inviting us to get tickets to "Dynamite: A Keenan Cahill Fundraiser" during the May 25 game versus Florida. I'd buy tickets, but I'm too busy dancing in my chair! "We gonna rock this club! We gonna light it up like it's dynamite!"

Tell me how much you love the video, too!

Photo via YouTube

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