Proof That Twitter Kills Your Love Life

twitter addictionOh, those jokers over at OkCupid. They recently polled over 830,000 users to see how long relationships last for people who use Twitter every day vs. "everyone else" (as in, anyone who has yet to fall victim to the omnipresence of social media in their lives -- you know, aside from Facebook). Eerily, Twitter users' relationships last slightly less time, on average, than others'.

I believe it. Just look at what happened to John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston! Although John is most likely a cocky, self-centered ass, and Jen is probably a wee bit kooky herself, John's Twitter addiction was credited with tearing those two apart. In that case, the deal was that John seemed to have all the time in the world to tweet every hour on the hour but none to call or text Jen.


Similarly, I could see other Twitter addicts being so engrossed in frequent tweeting that they relegate their real-life sig other to the back burner. Unless, of course, they're communicating with them @ their Twitter name!

There's also the fact that Twitter fiends are in the habit of communicating in 140 characters or less. Sure, sometimes it's better to be more succinct and to the point instead of rambling on and on, but trying to have a serious, heartfelt conversation with your honey in stilted, condensed phrases? Perhaps that end with references to other conversations (you know, like links)? Uh, not gonna cut it! Limited communication skills obviously put a serious strain on a romantic bond.

Not to mention that being a Twitter junkie takes a toll on your attention span. Depending on how many people you "follow," workin' your Twitter feed can be like attempting a multi-player game of ping-pong. Read a tweet, post a tweet, see an @reply, reply @them, post a tweet, agh! What was I doing again?? Yeah -- suddenly, you've got your partner in your face asking about when you wanna eat dinner, and you have no clue, because you're too busy trying to get your brilliant hashtag to trend. Red flag on that relationship!

The good news is that it looks like as Twitter lovers get older, they earn a slightly better shot at a longer relationship. Hey, that may help John Mayer, who was barely 30 when he first dated Jen! (On the other hand, for some reason -- maybe it has to do with the fact that he referred to ex Jessica Simpson as "sexual napalm" -- I think he's still got a ways to go before he can actually handle a real relationship.) Even so, frequent Tweeters still have a disadvantage. Bottom line: If Twitter is your crack, but you want a love that will last, it's probably best to focus on what's trending in your real life first and foremost.

Do you believe the poll's finding -- does everyday Twitter use kill relationships?

Image via Carrot Creative/Flickr

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