White House Easter Egg Roll Features Star Athletes

white house easter egg rollEaster is this Sunday. Hooray! Don't you just love an excuse to roll old eggs in a yard and eat as much chocolate as you can stomach? I sure do. The annual spring feast and party is one of my favorites of the year, and I think the Obamas feel me. The White House Easter Egg Roll 2011 is going to be a sporty day full of fitness, hard-boiled chicken fetuses in a shell, and good times.

The theme of this, the 133rd annual Easter Egg Roll at the President's pad, is "Get Up and Go!" I think it begs the question, get up and go where? To the buffet table filled with lamb and asparagus? To the local CVS to purchase your year's supply of Cadbury Mini Eggs until they're pulled from shelves for the next 11 months?


No, it's not about getting up and going to eat more, unfortch. It's more about health, wellness, and physical fitness. Boring! But if you're into that sort of thing, there'll be professional athletes there to cheer parents and their chubby little kids on.

Inspired by the First Lady's "Let's Move!" initiative, there will be more than just egg rolling. Yoga, obstacle courses, dancing, and playing sports with the pro sports stars attending will really excite kids after they've shoved their face with a chocolate bunny.

The "Eggtivity Zone" (ha) is where the athletes will be chilling. Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay and Olympic decathlete Bryan Clay are coming, and so is NFLer Lorenzo Alexander and some MLBers from the dismal Washington Nationals.

Let's hear it for these sports ... stars. I mean, is this the best the White House could do? I guess athletes want to spend the holiday with their families, too, and not on the lawn of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with kids running around with spoons and eggs.

If you're in the DC area and like crowds, the smell of sulfur, and C list professional athletes, head over to the White House on Monday, April 25 for some good times.


Photo via jen_rab/Flickr

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