Boston Marathon Winner Runs Faster Than Anyone on Earth

geoffrey mutaiGeoffrey Mutai of Kenya won the Boston Marathon in 2 hours, 3 minutes, and 2 seconds, which is faster than anyone has ever run the 26.2-mile course. Unfortunately, because the Boston Marathon course does not satisfy certain criteria for world records, his accomplishment will not be ratified as a new record. But who cares! Even if what Mutai has accomplished isn't going down as "official," that doesn't make his time any less incredible.

The previous record holder was Haile Gebrselassie, who in 2008, completed a marathon in Berlin in 2:03:59. Wow, that means Mutai beat Gebrselassie by almost a minute. That's a nice chunk of time change when you think about it! And Mutai's 2011 Boston Marathon time is almost three minutes better than the course record set last year by Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot.

So just who is this "un-official" world record breaker?


Twenty-nine-year-old Mutai was considered the second fastest marathoner in the world in 2010, having finished second to Patrick Makau in Rotterdam to solidify his place as one of the fastest marathoners of all time. He's also the oldest of nine children (you know what they say about eldest children -- overachievers to the max!) and was born in the Koibatek District in the Rift Valley Province. He debuted his running career back in 2007. He's married and has a daughter named Ivy Chebet (prettyyy name!).

When asked how he felt about breaking the record going in, he told international press:

I knew I could run well but the record was not on my mind. I was feeling OK. I was confident in myself. I was training so much.

How much ya wanna bet* (* = for recreational purposes only) that sooner or later, we'll spy Mutai in a Nike ad? Or on an Adidas billboard? After today's race, the guy is certainly destined to become a household name ... at the very least as far as runners are concerned. And being that he sounds like a rather modest, down-to-earth guy, I think this victory and the rewards that will follow -- including the $150,000 prize he gets for the win, plus $50,000 for beating the world's best and another $25,000 for the course record -- seem to be more than well-deserved!

What do you think of the Boston Marathon results?


Image via Jim Rogash/Getty

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