Rebecca Black Video: Kids Hate It as Much as We Do (VIDEO)

Perhaps like me you have been befuddled by all this interest surrounding Rebecca Black and her ubiquitous "Friday" video, wondering if perhaps your advanced age has made it impossible to comprehend the appeal of a song that appears to be have been produced entirely through someone's nostrils.

As Andy Rooney is confused by e-books, car gadgets, and fruit with stickers, so too am I mystified by the popularity of Rebecca Black. I assumed this had something to do with being about two decades outside of her target market, but thanks to a new “Kids React to Viral Videos" video from The Fine Brothers, I can feel youthful again.

I'm not too old to enjoy "Friday" after all—according to these children, it just really, really sucks!


Last October the YouTube duo The Fine Brothers launched a web series in which kids watch and respond to insanely popular YouTube videos. Each week, a panel of children is shown a hot viral video, and their (invariably awesome) reactions are recorded.

Naturally, they decided to take on "Friday," and the results are fantastic, particularly when 10-year-old William asks early on, "Do I have to listen to the whole song?" You'll note that the youngest kids are fans, at least until they learn "Friday" was commissioned by Black's parents—at that point they seem mostly sympathetic.

Here's the video for your viewing enjoyment:

(I think my favorite is the boy who dramatically shouts, "It was horrible beyond measure! Mass hysteria!")

While the kids don't pull any punches with their criticism, I feel like there's a pretty big difference between these funny reactions and some of the deranged comments left for Black by so-called adults. Ah, brutal honesty to outright cruelty … it's a slippery slope, isn't it?

What do you think about this "Kids React" video—funny, or just more mean backlash?

Image via YouTube

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