Passover Goes Viral With Google Exodus (VIDEO)

google exodusThe story of Passover tells how Moses led the Jewish people, in quite a hurry, from Egypt to escape Pharaoh. So fast, in fact, that the Jews left before the bread they were baking had time to rise! But can you imagine how much faster the whole process would have been if Moses had the Internet?

Google Exodus is a two-minute video put together by, a Jewish educational website, and it tells the story of the exodus using social media. Who would have thought you could order a plague or two on Or how about using Google maps to navigate the Red Sea? Grab your Manischewitz and cozy up with a box of matzo. This video is a must-see!


From using Twitter to contact the Israelites to emailing back and forth with Pharaoh telling him to "let my people go!" Aish covers all of the Passover bases. The only thing this video is missing is some wine! But, hey, you can buy that on Amazon, too!

If you don't know the first thing about Mount Sinai or the Torah, then seeing this information presented to you in such a creative, different way could encourage you to do a bit of research.

Essentially, I think that's really what Aish's goal is here -- to create a conversation. The website wants to make learning about Passover interesting, and dare I say it, maybe even a bit trendy. I don't know if anything Jewish has ever been made to look this cool. Well, definitely not my bat-mitzvah dress, anyway.

What do you think of Google Exodus? Will you be celebrating Passover tonight?

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