Pro Soccer Player Who Killed Owl Gets More Violent

owlIf you're an avid reader of this fine site, you may have seen a post I wrote a few weeks back about the jerkiest jerk of a soccer player who kicked and killed an owl during a game! Awful! You also may remember that said jerk, in addition to a $560 fine, had to sit out two games. Oh, the horror!

Well, now, that same Jerky McJerk Jerk Jerkson, Luis Moreno, is in trouble again. For kicking another player. In the stomach. While he was lying on the ground after being fouled. What is this guy's problem? And why did he get in less trouble for killing the owl? And why is he still in the league at all?!


I mean, no pun intended (well, a little), but this guy has got some pair of balls! Control your freaking anger, Moreno. Did you learn nothing after kicking and killing the poor little mascot owl of the other team? Now you're going around kicking people in the gut? You kick balls for a living! Quit kicking other stuff! I wish I could kick you. In the thing you kick for a living.

Moreno aside, though, shame on the association for giving Moreno a harsher punishment for kicking another player. (He was fined and suspended seven games.) I understand that we're comparing a human to an owl here, but the human didn't die. What is wrong with people? Moreno should be kicked out of the league. Plain and simple. Why should this violent moron, who clearly doesn't learn from his mistakes or know how to control himself, get to make a lot of money at a job he loves?

If there was an owl in my office -- whooo was somebody's pet (you're welcome) -- and I killed it, then proceeded to kick a co-worker, chances are I'd be fired. There wouldn't be any, "Nicole, don't come in for a few days." I would be gone. As I should be.

Why should Moreno's job be any different? Yes, his happens to be more violent than mine, but why should he be able to break laws and hurt and kill things? Shame on you, soccer people.

I seriously doubt that in his time off Moreno will think about what he's done and try to better himself. But I seriously hope an owl flies into his room at night and pecks his eyes out.

What do you think of Luis Moreno and his jerky ways?


Image via Wagner Machado Carlos Lemes/Flickr

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