Sign William & Kate's Royal Wedding Guestbook!

Prince William and kate middletonAre you a William and Kate enthusiast that would give absolutely anything to be at the Royal Wedding on April 29? Well, although I can't get you in through the doors to Westminster Abbey, I can get you a special spot in their wedding guestbook! Their Facebook guestbook, that is.

The Wedding Book allows fans to write a personal greeting to the happy newlyweds. The coolest part? If the book receives more than 50,000 entries, the text will be collated, bound in leather, and presented to the couple. Considering the book's gotten 31,000 signatures at the time of this post -- I'm pretty sure that means William and Kate may ACTUALLY see YOUR name. How cool, right? Who knows, maybe they'll send personalized thank-yous! Via Facebook.

Now the big question is: What to write?


It's not every day that you get to communicate with royalty, so what you write in the guestbook has to have some substance. If your message is just another "Congratulations on the big day!" then they're probably not going to really give it more than a quick look-see. That's why I'm here to give you three tip-top suggestions of how to catch the royal eye.

Suggestion No. 1: Do some research. People are more likely to respond to messages when you reference things that they care about. For example, did you know Kate prefers to be called by her birth name, Catherine? Or that they use the gag-worthy cutesy term "babykins" when talking to one another? Surely, addressing royalty as "my two favorite babykins!" will get your message noticed.

Suggestion No. 2: Write neatly Spell-check. The good news here is that since we're using a Facebook application, there's no actual writing. Considering a majority of people haven't put pen to paper since the phrase "world wide web" was added to the dictionary, you don't have to worry about William and Catherine judging your chicken scratch. However, don't make a novice mistake by not looking over your text. Spelling errors are horrible and make you seem careless. Plain and simple: Royalty deserves better than that.

Suggestion No. 3: Code names. If your name is anything standard like Jane, Katie, Sarah ... well, no offense, there's gonna be a TON of "you" on there. That's why your signature needs to be a bit jazzier. Haven't you always wanted to be an Esmeralda? Or how about a Zola? Better yet, a celebrity alias would be fantastic. I suggest Jessica Biel. She's so hot right now.

What would you write in William and Kate's wedding guestbook?

Image via UK_repsome/Flickr

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