7 Apps to Help You Green Up Your Act

goodguide appTechnology can do everything these days -- monitor babies, distract and entertain toddlers, set our DVR from across the country -- but can it save the Earth? Well, indirectly, yes! Yes it can.

There are a slew of green living apps designed to help you keep track of your habits, offer tips and tricks, and even put you in touch with other eco-minded people looking to bond over reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Here are some of the best, top-rated apps for smartphones that will most definitely help you get your green on.


1. GreenMeter ($5.99)

This app works like your car's eco-conscience by tracking its fuel and power efficiency. It also helps evaluate how you're driving to maximize that efficiency. If you can amend your driving habits, you can cut cost, consumption, and carbon footprint. Being that I really have no clue about how my driving habits affect my "green factor," this is one app I could really see coming in handy!

2. GoodGuide (Free)

I really do my best to shop for products that are as eco-friendly and non-toxic as possible. And this app is pretty much the green shopper's best friend. It's a database of detailed product info that helps users make informed decisions about what they're buying. Wanna know which toothpaste is greenest? Or which mascara has the fewest neurotoxins? This app's for you. 

3. Locavore ($2.99)

Now that it's almost time for the freshest, juiciest fruits and veggies to hit the market, you can use this app to home in on in-season, local food. It uses your phone's GPS location to pinpoint farms and farmers' markets around you, so you can patronize your local economy while minimizing your carbon footprint! Win-win.

4. Green Genie ($.99)

Named the "#1 green app" by TechCrunch.com, this one sounds like the app version of a tough trainer (think Jillian Michaels) who aims to make people greener instead of thinner. The app suggests more than 100 green "projects" for you to try, like bringing your own grocery bags or reducing your company's paper usage. It also acts like your ultimate "go green" textbook, offering a library of "essential reading" on sustainability. Sounds a lot of knowledge for a measly 99 cents!

5. Green Outlet ($1.99)

This app helps you predict your electric bill and carbon footprint, based on what appliances you use. If you exceed the government's recommended carbon limits, the app will "warn" you and give you the option to purchase carbon offsets. If you were to listen to this app instead of hitting "dismiss" or "ignore," that would be very green of you. 

6. Find Green (Free)

Not sure what the most sustainable landscaping company is in your neighborhood? How 'bout wellness practitioners? This app will find them for you. Sounds like the green version of Around Me or Yelp. You can also select distance by type of transportation (bike, foot, or car) and submit green businesses you know of to the database.

7. Green Me ($1.99)

This is like the goal-setter's BFF. The app displays a calendar and asks you to list five "green things" you've done each day. The built-in calendar then gets marked with a shade of green that is related to how many things you did to be sustainable. (The more things, the darker the green.)

What apps do you use to be greener?


Image via LaurenC./Flickr

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