Baseball Star Josh Hamilton Breaks Arm, Turns Into Baby

josh hamiltonYou may not know who Josh Hamilton is, but one thing's for sure, you don't wanna win a date with him. Hamilton is the star MVP slugger for the Texas Rangers and he's a whiny bag of muscles in tight pants and tall socks. Hammy's making news today not because of a grand slam, but a grand mistake -- in the first inning of a game in April, the phenom slid head first into home and broke his arm. Out for eight weeks as fast as you can say "dumb and stupid."

And those are his words, not mine. Since the game, all he's done is blabber about how terrible the whole thing is, and how the third base coach is to blame for encouraging him to round third and head for home. Hamilton doesn't sound like a bad-ass baseball athlete, he sounds like a burned contestant on America's Next Top Model. You wanna be on top?


Even Tyra knows you shouldn't complain this much. Hamilton, the reigning American League MVP, has said things like: "To add insult to injury, I was extremely sick last night. A sinus infection, I think." Oh pobresito! And when asked why he keeps blaming the third base coach for his wave-through:

I threw him under the bus by telling the truth about what happened. What do you want me to do, lie? People are going to blame who they want to blame.

Excuse me for being crass here, but Hamilton needs to grow a pair. It's always the player's decision whether or not he'll go for the steal, regardless of the coach's encouragement. Base runners are told to obey the coaches when they're instructed to stay put, but told to use their own judgement when they're told to go.

And Hamilton decided to go, and to slide slugging arms first, into home base, and no, he wasn't safe. This isn't October, this is April ... there are about 150 more games in the season! Hamilton let his team down for his poor decision, and although no one could've predicted he'd break his arm, he's just embarrassing himself with this blabbering, self-pitying, blame-game he's playing out in the press. Hamilton, take a chill pill, elevate your arm, and call the Rangers in 8 weeks. In the meantime, zip it. Don't make me get all Trya on your ass.

Do you think Hamilton is acting like a wimp?

Photo via Rubenstein/Flickr

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