5 Hottest NHL Hockey Players

henrik lundqvist
Hey, you.
Hey ladies, are you excited? Hockey playoffs start tonight! No? Well, fret not. If you wind up getting stuck watching the game because your roommate or significant other is a fan, it's not so bad because hockey players are hot! Seriously!

Maybe it's because the first boy I ever dated in sixth grade played hockey (even though he dumped me four months later in front of the entire lunchroom), or maybe it's my penchant for bearded dudes, but I'm a fan of the hocking playing man. Forget giant football and basketball players, give me a man with a big stick! Wait ... you know what I mean.

Anyway, check out the five hottest hockey players.


Henrik Lundqvist

henrik lundqvist








Those eyes. That hair. That sweat. That beard! This Swedish New York Rangers player is super dreamy in this gal's eyes. He can ... goal me anytime. Never mind, that totally didn't work. I was trying do something with goalie and -- ah, forget it.

Alex Ovechkin

alex ovechkin












Don't try to act like you don't like him. He's totally cute. And this left winger for the Washington Capitals is from Russia. Which makes him even cuter.

Patrick Sharp

patrick sharp









Dude. Seriously. Look how deep and pensive and sensitive he looks right now. I bet he's thinking, "There's more to life than the Blackhawks. There's poetry and ... baby butterflies."

Sidney Crosby

sidney crosby













Oh, nothing to see here. Just a super hot dude in a Penguins uniform. Carry on.

Rick Nash

rick nash








Aw, you guys. Look at him. He's so cute with his little mouthguard and helmet thing. He's the Canadian right winger -- and captain -- of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Pretty sexy, eh? Get it? Canada? Whatever ...

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