Serena Williams First Day Back Was a Fashion FAIL

serena williamsWowowowow. Okay, so, I'm thrilled to hear that after dealing with so many awful health issues -- from a foot injury to a blood clot in her lung -- Serena Williams has returned! Today was her "first day back" on the court, with racket in hand. She was even updating her followers along the way, tweeting:

Cool news guys stay tuned.. Ill update u with a pic.. U ready??

What followed was the Twitpic you see here: Serena in a full-throttle neon pink spandex bodysuit. Her agent told the AP:

She was out hitting some balls today. Taking it day by day depending on how she's feeling and was very happy to be back on the court.

But ... I'm not sure the bodysuit really represents such a casual attitude about getting back to playing tennis, right? It's more like, "I'm back, and I AM A FIERCE PINK FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!!! RAR." 


In all seriousness, uhm, Serena has an AMAZING body! And it's awesome to see her looking so, well, confident, after what she's been through, but ... THAT BODYSUIT!!! It is so ... pink. It's so ... bright ... space-aged ... and shiny. It's so ... okay, it's freaking vile.

Come on, Serena, really? You didn't just start a new job at Cirque du Soleil, right? Does that thing somehow elevate your game? Do speed skaters in the Olympics even wear something like that? Ewww, and how must it feel to SWEAT in that thing!?! Agugghuughhh.

Alright, look, I'm not a tennis player or an athlete whatsoever, so who am I to judge? Maybe it's uh -- empowering -- to wear something so, err, form-fitting? Maybe it's something she's always wanted to wear, and now that she's gone through such a hard time, she's like, "Hell yes, I am going to celebrate my return by rocking that neon pink bodysuit that's been hanging in my closet!" I'd say bravo to that.

First gut reaction aside, I could care less what the woman wears. She's healthy, happy, back on the court, doing what she loves, interacting with her fans, and hopefully on her way to kicking some major tennis butt at forthcoming tennis tournaments, especially this summer's Wimbeldon. That's all that matters. (But maybe next time she could stand to stick to more simple, regulation tennis wear?)

What do you think about Serena's bodysuit?


Image via twitpic

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