Can Too Much Sports Talk Ruin Your Surgery?

operating roomI'm afraid of Lasik. I really want it, but I'm really afraid something will go wrong and I'll go blind, and then I'll feel like a real jackass for getting elective surgery because "contacts bother me." There's news out of British Columbia, Canada though that validates my fears and makes me want to cover my eyes with my hands and run for the hills. The American hills though, because Canada is really freaking me out right now.

When I think of our friendly neighbor to the north, I think of two things: snow and hockey. Forget the snow, turns out that all they think about is ice hockey. Even surgeons. Conversations in the O.R. are getting a little too sports-centric for the medical board though, and they've issued a ban on sports dialogue among doctors.


British Columbia medical officials have said enough is enough with the hockey chit-chat in the operating rooms -- patients are kind of getting a little pissed about it. And who wouldn't?!

First of all, it's not like they're talking about NCAA basketball or the PGA Tour (topics that would be acceptable in my O.R.); they're talking about hockey. Hey, remember when the NHL was cancelled for an entire season due to a lockout over a labor dispute? Yeah, no one does ... because it was hockey.

I understand that hockey is way more important in Canada. I went to a college in the Northeast that was the number one ranked NCAA hockey team and won the Frozen Four a few times, so I know a thing or two about the sport and its fanatics, but still -- I believe Canadians take it to another level. And my assumption was proven fact when the medical officials had to step in and remind surgeons that "Hey guys? Sorry, but could you get down to business and maybe give your full attention that chest cavity that's pulsing over there? Maybe? I know, I know, the Canucks totally should have won last night, but listen, this guy's abdomen isn't going to sew up itself."

Guess how this all started ... this ban on sports chatter in the Operating Room. Guess! It was after a patient complained that during his eye surgery, all the doctor was talking about was hockey. Yes, eye surgery. Knew it.

Talk about hockey, talk about the Real Housewives, talk about the food prices, talk about Darfur, just ... not in the O.R. Please!

From where would you like to ban sports conversations from happening?

Photo via Official US Navy Imagery/Flickr

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